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Department Head Leaves

Fort more information contact

James E. Lawing

East Mountian Medical Center

(559) 658–8956


Johnny Toler who has been with East Mountain Medical Center for going on 13 years now has recently been promoted to head of the purchasing department.

He has a back ground in pharmacy and worked as the assistant druggist in the hospital pharmacy for 13 years. He was then moved to the purchasing department in 1978 after the hospital closed the pharmacy.

His wife Carolyn is head of the gynecology department at MEMC. She does a great job at work according to the staff.

Head of purchasing, Bob Wilkinson will be resigning and Toler will be taking his position.

Bob wilkinson will move on to take a position as a purchasing agent with City memorial hospital.

Hospital administrator Harry Illscott stated “ Bob’s abilities will be greatly missed at this hospital, but I know that Johnny Toler is a person we can all depend on to do whatever is necessary to keep his department going. I have great faith in him and in this hospital.”

The last statment was made by Toler stating “ This hospital means a great deal to me and my family, and I will give my best efforts to making our purchasing department the best. I learned from a fine man- Bob Wilkinson- and I hope I can continue to build on the foundation he established.”

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Liberty High School Tuition Decrease

For More Information Contact

John Manning

Liberty School Department Head

(897) 554 5466


The board of trustees has recently met to discuss tuition cost for next year.

One of the propsals is that the board lowers all tuition by 10% no matter if they are in stater, out of state, or whatever the case may be.

The president of the school has already polled most of the board on the issue and has agreement from most of them on taking this action.

The president stated “ I am extremely pleased that the board has seen fit to follow our recommendations on lowering tuition costs. During the past several years, we have had to raise tuition a number of times for all of our students. out of state students have been particularly hard-hit. For some time, we have been afraid that we have been pricing oursleves out of the market, even with in-state students. With more and more people attending junior colleges and other schools in the state, we have recognized that those who want to come to this school must have some relief.”

Unfortunately cutting tuition may mean our staff will get paid less and some arent very fond of the idea.

Applications are down as of right now, if they continue at that rate, a 10% drop in enrollment from this year’s figure is anticipated.

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