PR @ Liberty

Hill City Cookie Company

There is currently a company where you can have cookies delievered to you by one of our very own students here, Caroline Debnam.

Bridge from The Hill to Demoss

There is currently a Bridge being built above ground for students to utilize from the dorms on the hill to our main academic building, demoss.

William Byron

Interview William Byron, he was here and spoke at convocation today.

5 Hyperlinks

  1. NASA — Anytime NASA does something its always important. Recently NASA is doing meteor experiments to their international space station on a commercial cargo spacecraft. They hope to study about large fires on explorations crafts.
  2. Apple — Two days ago apple introduced a 9.7 inch ipad pro. They are saying that this ipad is the start of a new generation of ipads. It is filled with many new features that other ipads do not come with.
  3. Apple — Two days ago apple also released the news that theyre coming out with a new phone called the iphone SE. It is said to be the most powerful phone. It is also suppose to have a 4-inch retina display.
  4. Vitamin C- A study just came out saying eating foods with vitamin C in them cuts the risk of catarac progression by a third. The study shows that it helps because of the amount of antioxidant in vitamin C which is suppose to be good for your eyes. The study was done by studnets from Kings College in London.
  5. Music- Aalto University researchers found that the emotional impact experienced by music listeners depends on the concert hall’s acoustics. During listening peoples skin was examined and amazing results came back showing the emotion people got when they heard the music. This goes to show just how powerful music is.
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