Some Observations About This Taco Bell Line

Jesus H there are so many cars in the lot I knew that coming here this late was a bad idea

Aw fuck me it looks like the DMV is giving out beer and blowjobs in here

I can not wait this long, how dare so many people have a craving for fake mexican food at the same I do. How dare they.

goddammit this lady has kids, kids always seem to bother me, I draw them in like a fucking moth to a flame

That’s going to put me on some sort of list isn’t it? I draw kids in? that’s easily the 5th creepiest thing I’ve ever said

Are you shitting me this lady hasn’t even looked at the menu the whole time she has been in this line, it’s pretty simple, what shape do you want your fake meat to be in lady? Please just choose

Get the fuck out of here this guy is asking about calories. In a fucking Taco Bell? just shove the burrito in your face and cry like the rest of us

Yes. yes, I’m finally up I can finally get my quesarito the greatest thing anyone has ever come up with

I’m sorry what? You’re fucking out? that’s absurd you’re a fucking fast food restaurant and all of your fucking food has the exact same ingredients

Fuck it this is bottom, I stood in line for 30 minutes at a Taco Bell and I didn’t even order anything, I quit

I’ll see you all at Long John Silver

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