“Something Deep and Meaningful”

I am handed a packet and told to read.

Roses dance in the sun after emerging from the seed.

My heart sinks as I notice it’s full of poetry.

The winds are howling as they blow down a tree.

Perspiration rolls down my face.

The rhyme scheme is ABBA.

But this is no Dancing Queen.

All I want to do is scream.

This is inside information to immense intellect.

The teacher says with a grin.

While my heart breaks.

Like the dove in the cage.

I read the work of a million poets.

The names of which I do not care.

When asked what they mean I return,

A thousand yard stare.

I put down the packet with tears in my eyes.

My soul is a car in disrepair.

(this bit has nothing to do with the poem).

For poetry is to happiness

as fire is to a home.

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