My mother reviews the 2016 Emmy nominees for outstanding comedy series

By Eileen “Dixie” Grimaldi

This week, my mother will review the television programs and performances nominated in the major categories of the Emmy Awards.



This show has a lot of elements I love. The guy from Arrested Development, jokes— But there is too much cursing. And I also haven’t seen it. I prefer the New Adventures of Old Christine. I’m in the tank for Wanda Sykes.


This looks like a tender moment, but I do not have time for it

I didn’t grab me. But I do like the guy from Arrested Development.

Silicon Valley

I’ve had enough.

Doesn’t look like any of these idiots was ever on Arrested Development.

Master of None

Good for them.

As if I have time for 10 episodes of heavy handed messaging. (AD cast members? I don’t think so)

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

A little bit about me: I made my daughter (Cassie) move into a basement when she moved to New York too!

My oldest daughter (Gloria, not Cassie, who is the youngest and forever my sweet infant) makes me watch this show over and over, like a child would do. If it makes her happy, I like it.


They look great here

I love this show despite the absensce of any and all Arrested Development cast members.

Author’s note: for the umpteenth year, the academy has overlooked “The Mindy Project”. When will Mindy have her day?!??!!