Why Blogging?

  • Writing helps to organize your thoughts and learning. Research has said that writing can help you to remember what you’ve learned. When you are learning to code, or anything else, writing about it will help it to become more familiar to you and increase your retention.
  • Blogging helps you connect to the community. When you blog, you are reaching out to a larger community and you can make great connections through comments and interactions on your blog. It will help you personally learn and grow, as well as helping others to learn too.
  • You have a unique perspective that no one else has. Don’t be held back thinking that someone else has already written on the topic or has done it better than you. You have a unique view on the topic that only you can add. …

What is GitHub?

1. Bloc

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I am a web developer, a lifelong learner, a book lover, educator, and mother.

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