It’s Bigger than a Racial Slur and a Bat

Florida woman chases black neighborhood kids with bat while shouting slurs

A young black boy age 16 made a report last Sunday that he gave to the police

on 29 year old Lisa Marie Elberson who reportedly took a bat from the hands of her elder son

She proceeded to chase the boy and his friends

All the way down the neighborhood that they both lived in

She spewed slurs echoing expected things -like “nigger!”

and “I’ll hang your family from my tree.”

I’m glad to see that the young boy reported it

He might not have had a case had his friend not recorded it

The deputies showed up and arrived at Lisa’s job,

then they arrested her with $5000 set as her bail bond

She was charged for her deadly weapon, child abuse & simple battery, they interviewed her husband and he said that it was blasphemy

Her husband appeared smug and discussed it really casually

His disposition rude,

he said things had accrued after he and the black boys had gotten in a dispute

His son heard the noise and came out with a bat- then he said his wife grabbed it back to prevent an attack

This is one of very few cases where a young black man was heard, over the hate spewed upon him and its fellow racial slurs

The husband did not mention what brought about the argument, though his omission implied that he played a huge part in it

The fact that he was lax makes me assume they had the money to bond his wife out as he smiled like it was funny

In all truth I really do find this case small scale but I brought it up with a larger story to tell

This is just another case of one of many things that black people scroll past when we read our newsfeeds

Inciting anger and a feel of simply being unwanted- yet we cannot help but read when we stumble upon it

Same time, these types mislead and fuel us with false hope, when we see that for once an officer listened when we spoke

The truth being that this story’s really not TRULY racist

and before you get mad hear me out and let me say this:

Yes we’ve all heard of the simplified theme that racism is considering yourself a superior being

But the THING is, this is only constructed thinking- to validate the larger scale of the system’s ship from sinking

Black people don’t be mislead by words that are said, allowing small victories to reach the peak of your head

We’ve all been called “niggers,” “bastards with no father figures,” but we all much reach a point where we start to think bigger

Let their sink ship as they drown in their hate, forget the passengers; focus on how to make to the boat deflate

You can deconstruct systems your oppressors create, but not if your mind’s clouded by their rivers of hate

So concentrate on the structure and reclaim your fate

Don’t be mislead as false hope is aimed at your head, only you can determine how you receive what is said

The slurs you’ve heard all your life should no longer affect you; How can you be stressed-they’re not the ones who can oppress you?

Giving you basic rights is no means to impress you,


-Cassie Lucio

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