Things successful people do before bed

I recently read on article on what successful people do before they go to bed, and I realize that everyone is different. However it is very intelligent to adopt habits from people who have the lifestyle you wish to achieve and implement them into your routine as long as it doesn’t violate any moral values you hold dear.

From reading this article and figuring out what helped me the most I wish to share with you what has helped me in my personal/professional life. Some of these things even help you get better quality rest at night!

1- Read — reading is a great discipline to practice before bed even if it’s only for 10–15 minutes. This is a good time for people to catch up on the news, skim blogs, or simply read for pleasure to get a good sense of what is going on in the surrounding world, rather than focusing on just our own individual lives.

2- They make a to-do list — many people write in a journal as a release for themselves on a daily basis. To form a habit of making a to-do list is one of the most productive things you can do before bed. It gives you a target to aim at for the next day and you go to sleep peacefully knowing you have tomorrow planned already.

3- Spend time with family- This one may be my favorite because it’s the perfect time to throw on your favorite show or a movie before getting into bed. Family is so important to me as I know it is to many others, if you can’t spend time with family often friends are also wonderful!

4- They reflect on the day — According to Kerr, several successful people seal off their days by taking the time to write down three things they are grateful for that happened. This “gratitude journal” allows for us to keep our lives in perspective and appreciate the little things. It also keeps us motivated, especially if we are in a challenging time in our lives.

5- Pray/meditate — connecting with Holy Spirit is such a beautiful way to end your night prior to going to sleep. Conversing with God and being filled with his peace is the most important thing on this list and I have found is best to happen right before closing your eyes!

Cheers, I hope this helps you al develop more productive days and get more peaceful sleep!