7 Reasons Why Salespeople Swear

If you are any good at sales you are likely emotional and truly care about people. Let’s be honest, salespeople are under a lot of pressure each and every day to make sure we take someone else’s money. We can be pretty happy and pretty pissed in a matter of minutes which is why we swear! Here are a few situations that create swearing in the workplace.

1. Closing a Huge Deal

When you see a signed contract or purchase order, emotions of pure joy can overcome you. You immediately start to think of that new car, watch or weekend getaway. BLEEP BLEEP YEAH just slips out of your mouth at a high decibel level, no matter where you are.

2. Surprise! We are Interested

It has been six or seven months and that prospect that you thought was 95% closed ghosted you. Magically, one afternoon your email pings and a signed contract from said ghost is attached. “Holy BLEEP, they want to move forward” pops out. Your officemates think something newsworthy happened and it did. You are the sales hero for a day!

3. I Have the Best Client EVER

We all want clients that are low maintenance with a high yield and, dare I say, we actually enjoy their kid’s obligatory birthday party. When we realize that we have added another awesome client to our roster we erupt with glee, which can sometimes include a joyful swear word or two.


These are a salesperson’s catch 22. The risk/reward factor is huge with RFQs/RFPs. They take a lot of time! Many are already decided upon within the “inner sanctum” and the agency is asking for RFQs/RFPs to remain compliant. When salespeople are filling out the endless paperwork a lot of frustration occurs, causing some expletives to drop. If you are super A-type you may even throw a pen or two against the wall. But if we are awarded one of these RFQs/RFPs, people from miles around can hear you yell “that’s what I’m talking about BLEEP!!!!”

5. Matching the Prospects Language

As more and more young people become decision makers, it seems like profanity in the workplace is also more common. As a sales professional, you need to match your prospect’s or client’s language. If they use profanity, so should you! The caveat, be aware of who the decision maker is and avoid gender offensive language.

6. A Waste of Time

Salespeople never know what a prospect’s budget is or what the prospect’s expectations are at the beginning of the sales cycle. This is why it is key to build rapport early on. If you spend time meeting with a prospect and present a proposal, only to find out their budget is 25% under your profit margin, you are going to be upset. It is likely that you will have a few choice words for them. As a professional you will yell in your car on your way back to the office or once you hang up the phone. (Added Value: Make sure the phone is completely hung up once you start your rant.)

7. Losing a Deal

You put in the time and explained the value of your product. You penciled out the ROI this prospect would gain by using your service or product. But maybe you had a cheap customer as a prospect! Luckily you didn’t put in a lot of work, but if it’s month end and you are 27% off your targeted quota you are screwed! Hence the slew of swears that can be heard throughout the sales office.

If you’re in sales and don’t swear, perhaps you don’t care enough about the people you are serving or the job you are doing. Start dropping some choice words if you are upset — it may make you feel better!