Baseball and the Game of Sales

I was a featured author for Spiro’s Blog on July 8, 2017. Check it out.

Many salespeople take their clients to an annually anticipated baseball game. During these 9 innings we can learn a lot about our clients and even get verbal closes. At the end of the day it is our job as salespeople to make sure our clients round third and get safely to home plate, (which you’ll have a better chance of doing by using an AI-powered sales assistant, like Spiro, to help remind you who to follow-up with and when).

Use a game as an opportunity to create a win-win for both of you. Here are 6 ways that baseball is a safe way to close more deals.

1. Everyone Loves Baseball

Baseball is America’s past time. No matter what country you are from, you’re happy to spend one afternoon outside and away from business as usual.

2. Creating a Quiet Atmosphere

Baseball can be boring at times. Especially, when there is not a lot of action from the batter’s box. That park can get surprisingly quiet, giving you an opportunity to speak with your client and not having to worry about not hearing them.

3. You Can Get to Know Their Personality Type

Knowing a client’s personality type helps you immediately understand the type of buyer they are, allowing you to close faster. A baseball game shows you how they react to the lulls of the game. Do they sit quietly or turn to you and start cracking jokes? The quiet person is going to be more analytical and require more facts when you are selling. The person cracking jokes cares about the big picture so you can sell this buyer type on what your product or service will do for them immediately.

4. Are They Ticket Worthy in the Future

If your client deters you from talking during the game, you know they are a true fan. These clients are worthy of future games. If your client is hardcore and wears apparel that represents the home team, put them on the list for post season games! They will be indebted to you for at least 2 years!

5. Wine and Dine Them

In addition to taking them to the game, buy your client a few beverages and a meal. Everyone is happier when they are watered and fed.

6. Getting Down to Business

The 7th inning is time to pounce on the next steps with your client. If the deal is heading south, you have two innings to circle back and find out where you lost the deal, by asking more questions. If your client gives you the verbal close and handshake it gives you just enough time to run and buy a celebratory beverage or grab a piece of team apparel as a thank you. (Added Value: If your client gives you the verbal close, immediately call your office and have a final contract drafted and emailed to the client. You can follow up the next morning to see how they enjoyed the game and mention the emailed contract.)

See how a few innings of baseball can change the entire relationship between you and your client. Played well, baseball is a total psychological game, as is sales! Enjoy your afternoon in plastic seats while you rake in green pieces of paper.