Expense Reports- The Necessary Evil of Getting Paid Back

I have a client that works for a large Fortune 250. He is a top producer and like most of us, he hates the paperwork piece of the job. I learned that hard way when I started with Dale Carnegie, in 2008, that if I did not turn my expense reports in monthly my personal cash flow would be null.

9 years ago we were a company store, so all my bills went through the global accounting office. Wheels turned quickly, relatively speaking, but once in a while I would lag on those reports and I would have to scramble to find fun coupons for afterhours activities. It took three times of me not turning in my reports for me to get it through my head- TURN IN THE REPORTS WHEN THEY ARE DUE!

My friend is having the same problem.

When it comes to having fun coupons, we need to do the arduous expense reports. If we are flush then maybe we do not need to think about them, until something big happens, like a car report or a sick pet.

Morale of the story: Fill out the expense reports on time. You will have more fun coupons!