John Wooden Was Right

I am not a psychologist so I do not have an answer on why the following statement has proven accurate.

I’ve trained over 40 sales classes in my career thus far. Time and time again participants that performed well in high school or in college sports are the better sales people. I do not know why. However, if you look at the top sales performers around you-the majority are former athletes. Over the last 2 years I’ve asked some of these people if they think their athletic training earlier in their lives factored into them becoming quality sales people.

Two trends kept coming up: Being coached at a young age and always wanting to do better than the last time.

Sales is truly a contact sport. True sales professionals are having to constantly change and adapt their sales approach. Sales people hear “no” all day. And when you’re a good salesperson you slowly watch your quota creep higher and higher. Translation- you’ve done a great job. You can do even better.

Think about it that is very similar to sports, be it an individual sport like swimming or running. Or a team sport, like soccer or basketball. You can always run faster, shoot with improved accuracy, and read your teammates better each game.

Sales people that are top notch are constantly striving to get better. These are the professionals that hire outside consultants to help keep them on track. This is something that I do, even though I consult for a living, I practice what I preach.

Some of those “no’s” will knock you on your ass and a few of those “yes’s ” will send you sky high. You have to remember no matter what happens you need to be ready to improve your sales over the lifetime of your career. Sales is a contact sport and all the A players realize they need a coach.