Stop Micromanaging

During the majority of employee 360 assessments micromanaging is one of the main challenges employees say that they face. Do they understand what a true micro-manager looks like? Or do they feel that their boss does not trust them enough to get work done? These are two very different views.

I recently worked with a client which was predominately millennial’s who had a CEO that was in her mid-50s. My client is the typical startup of Silicon Valley. Free food. Ergonomic chairs and standing desks. Toss in a few stationary bike chairs too. For 75% of the employees it is their first job right out of college and they think that they are being micromanaged. The other 25% are in their mid to late 30s and view the CEO’s management style as empowering.

In reality what is happening is the CEO is shifting to a less hands on approach and starting to delegate more of the daily tasks. As a result the CEO is micromanaging in the eyes of her new hires. She is working on building trust that her team can do the job just as quickly and accurately as she.

When you are looking at handing over responsibility to team members make sure that those you delegate to know you can see qualities in them that they do not see in themselves. Explain to your team that you are not micromanaging, rather that you are setting them up for success. You are there for them in case they need help. Tell them a story about a past experience where someone did not know what they needed to do and remained silent because they were afraid to ask for help.

Leading is not micromanaging. It is the exact opposite: Freedom to grow within a company and get the job done.