PO Could Mean Peace Out Or It Could Mean Purchase Order-I’ll Figure It Out.

Piece Two in a Series of Four on “Rebranding Yourself in 2017

A while ago someone was unsure about hiring me as a business consultant because I lacked business acumen. This comment came to light a few months after I was hired. I do not know what was more upsetting; The fact that someone lacked the confidence I could sell or the fact that I wasn’t sure what acumen meant.

Situations like that can do two things: cause someone to quit or dig their heels in and stand firm. Lucky for me I had stilettos on that day and dug in. My biggest cheerleader dug in her stilettos too and we ended our day with the standard PO aka Peace Out.

Going from the kid that sold ad space, to the college grad that was a commodities broker for a brief time, to the young adult political fundraiser, to the corporate training salesperson to a small business owner, you bet in the last 16 years I’ve rebranded myself. The commonalities all along the way: Drive, enthusiasm and I’ll figure it out later, who cares?

The first time I heard “Do you accept a PO?” I thought “PO- what is a PO?” I went into my bosses’ office and asked them what a PO was. Their response “Are you serious?” I was very serious. I could tell by the look on their faces that they were questioning their hiring decision. The next day I bought and started to read “The 7 Day MBA.” (It turns out that we did accept purchase orders and that they were a promise to pay later.)

I am not going to quote studies, but I can state with confidence that the majority of the global population is afraid of saying I do not know. I relish in the fact that I do not know. It’s not that I do not care. It is that I do not have all the knowledge in the world.

When are you taking hard inventory of your skill set, you may find that you have a short list of skills. Earned skill set and desired skill set are two different things. I earned the skill of making 200 dollars or more a day. I earned the skill of asking good questions. What I desired was business acumen. What I desired was the trust of my clients.

I needed a personal brand! So I quickly created one and it continues to evolve. Yet throughout the years I focus on my 2 top strengths: Not knowing everything and figuring out the answer quickly.

The strongest part of my personal brand is the fact that I do not know everything and I’m ok with that. My second strength: I will figure out the answer when I do not know something. If I cannot figure it out I will tell you and then tap into my network. As I am trying to get you an answer I will follow up with you and give you status updates.

Long story short, while I did not know what a purchase order was, I went on that same year to become a top producing sales person. Last month I partnered with a company to review their sales numbers, look at market trends and create sales forecasts to help maximize their marketing efforts. If you told me 7 years ago I would be looking at spreadsheets and analyzing data to forecast sales numbers I would have laughed at you. I would have laughed because I did not have a firm grasp of what the term forecasting meant. Yet I am here today, still saying I don’t know, but I’ll figure it out.