weird news, october 2015

Making Big Bread: Record-Breaking Baguette Baked In Italy

An impressive team of Italian and French bakers baked a 400 foot long baguette in Italy. They used a Expo oven that went over the dough piece by piece at 66-feet-per-hour. It took about 7 hours to make the whole thing and was cut and eaten with lots of Nutella to all who came to the event.

Drinking while pregnant: No amount of alcohol is safe according to latest report

The American Academy of Pediatrics declared that no alcohol should be consumed at any time during a pregnancy. Since they could not determine the “ok” amount that would not harm the baby, they decided that none would be the best result. Future parents who do not want to increase the risk of their baby having problems physically and mentally should keep this in mind.

Zooey Deschanel reveals name of her baby: Elsie Otter

The “New Girl” star has been pretty secretive about her new bundle of joy, but she announced the little girls name. The baby will be here in July and she will be named Elsie Otter. She said that her and her husband really like the name and are both so excited.

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