sports news, october 2015

NFL Quick Hits: Roethlisberger Set for Week 8 Return

The Steelers quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, has been out since week 3 with a severe knee injury and now he is back in the game (literally too)! In those 3 games he threw the ball over 912 yards and had 4 touchdowns. So, the Steelers are excited to have one of their main guys back to play against the Cincinatti Bengals this upcoming week!

Giants’ Coughlin on Week 7 win: “It had nothing to do with luck”

Coach Coughlin of the New York Giants was not too happy about his teams recent win against the Dallas Cowboys. He said that it took a lot of hard work and practice to get the winning score of 27–20. Coughlin quotes to reporters that,

“It had nothing to do with luck. It had to do with us being in the right spot at the right time”.

Ducks shut out by Blackhawks as scoring woes reach historic level

The Anaheim Ducks have been a lot of trouble lately trying to score, but this past game against the Chicago Blackhawks has sent them into a beginning season slump already. They started their game on Monday off 7 goals fewer than any other team in the league. It has never been this bad for this team and most are thinking it can only get worse.

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