God and Gaia

This world is NOT merely what it seems to be

Manly P. Hall also said this, but we want to say it again, and in a new way.

Let’s say that what seems are “seams” holding the mystical veil together for our belief, and participation. So let’s remember: there really is no veil. If we closed our eyes forever, which we will all do one day, source will continue to create some reality to be observed and reasoned and made sense of… but, we are separate from that. You maybe have felt discomfort upon recognizing that you might pass on one day, but your ability to realize this is what makes you an advanced being, with the ability to set a mission for your life.

The truth is that all missions are based on a schedule (this is the basis of all calendars and clocks). We have moved into an age when we’ll live partially within a common global time-work, and partially by a personal quantum schedule we set and constantly tweak for ourselves. Just as the corporations have survived by strategies; individuals and families will begin to reclaim their traditions, which is the family’s equivalent to strategies. A corporation is basically a family bound by contracts within a building where they conduct business… much like a family home. I’m sure you understand the metaphor, which is our fading singular reality. Reality is not actually singular, and the internet has made that as clear as ever [to some of us]. Those who don’t realize this simply have not allowed the time to self-analyze and find their true place in the “omni-web of experience” a.k.a. consciousness.

SO… what is the purpose of life? Is it to learn from those who know more and teach those who know less? Who is to say which is which when everyone knows specifically what he and she must know to survive? What person or creature isn’t improving and ascending all of the time? We know that all beings grow… older, stronger, taller, wiser… so, we can say that we are growing whether we try to or not. The older people perhaps have read or traveled more, but children still know what they haven’t forgotten… do children come here with a knowledge we must also consider part of the repetoire?

Are we really so different from plants and animals? And, let this be the question of all questions: Should we be? Are we really so much cleaner, smarter, or more equipped while confined to our rented apartments and mortgaged houses, than we would be while integrated within a facility that already has all of the mechanisms necessary for fulfillment programmed innately within Her.

You may know that we refer to God as Him.

Let us now reveal that the female Goddess is the one we call Gaia…

Our new traditions will encompass the preservation and free expression of both.

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