How To: Have A Perfect Summer Sunday Soundtrack

From dawn to dusk, here’s some top tunes for a hazy, sunny Sunday.

I love the summer. That sun-bleached, paint-cracked-from-the-heat, south of France* aesthetic that makes everything feel instantly nostalgic. Is there a filter for that? Y’know, to make everything pastel and look like a Metronomy video?

(And yes, I do mean Metronomy. It’s realistic in its possibility. They never go full Duran Duran — there’s a definite greyness in the skies and those white stilettos look like they came out a New Look sale bin.)

Let’s talk freckled sun-kissed skin, dusty garden chairs hoked out of the shed and, of course, a few ice cold gin and tonics in the warm afternoon sun. Maybe throw in a few friends attempting to cook on the rickety BBQ before the afternoon drinks do their damage. That sort of thing.

So if you like a hot, dusty and maybe just a little afternoon-drunk summer vibe, check out these scorchers.

CHATEAU LOBBY #4 (IN C FOR 2 VIRGINS) — Father John Misty

I recently bought the album “I Love You, Honeybear” by Father John Misty on vinyl. I know it’s not his most recent work, but I had no choice, I had to. Every time I played it, it became increasingly clear that it was the perfect Sunday morning record.

Whiskey-drunk lyrics about love and cynicism, Father John Misty talks about love like no one else. Like a Sunday morning, he’s full of hope but aware of what has gone before. Like a hangover in the morning light, he’s cynical about love, women and romance.

That’s if you want to listen to the lyrics. If not, it’s warm, gentle Americana, that’s inoffensive to any brunch guests you might have. So whether you’re entertaining the in-laws, or nursing your hangover, it’s the perfect, perfect Sunday morning vibe.


Moving on from our hungover Americana breakfast, let’s pick up the pace a bit with Japanese Breakfast.

Now don’t get me wrong, at first spin round the park, this is tinny. When I first heard it, I winced. But trust me, give it time and it works. That treble-tastic sound, paired with the high, high (oh-GOD-so-high) vocals, it becomes a little bit… irrepressible? If you’re going to have a band singing about how everybody loves you, well it might as well be during the summer, no?

PARTY ON THE WEST COAST — Matoma, The Notorious B.I.G, Faith Evans, Snoop Dogg

Fancy a little more buzz in the afternoon? Then it’s time for a party on the West Coast. I doubt they are talking about parties on the West Coast of Ireland, but I’m more than happy to imagine myself at a pool party in California. More high energy than anything else on the playlist, this is the track for anyone with enough energy on a Sunday to squeeze the last out of the weekend.

Let me level with you, guys. I feel a bit pressured to put something “current” in. This is difficult for me because I’m a dreadful snob and mostly I hate anything current**. But this is current and when I heard it, it felt instantly summery. It also instantly felt like something that will be on the “Made In Chelsea” soundtrack. Which, goddamnit, is not necessarily a bad thing.


Phew! Back to my dusty summer sounds. I’m happy to let the kids dance to their West Coast craic, if I can swing in a hammock and snooze. Bearing that in mind, it’s a perfect time for some Mac DeMarco. I’ve added the live version of this video because:

  1. I can only find audio tracks with no video on YouTube
  2. He’s a solid enough performer to be equally as good live
  3. You can get a sense of the Mac DeMarco charm.

I saw Mac DeMarco last year on the beach in Barcelona. In a few days time, I’ll be repeating that at Primavera (yahoo!). But prior to last year’s performance, I had only heard of him fleetingly. There was a big buzz about him, so I followed the festival crowds and went to see him play. He came on stage with flowers on his dungarees. No shirt underneath. I’m not going to lie, I got a vague “idiot” vibe off him.

But once he started playing, with the sun setting over the beach behind him, his happy-hippy-vibe became the perfect sound of summer. He’s also a bad rip, so extra points to Mac — you look and sound like a cherub, but everyone loves a bad boy.

SOBER — Childish Gambino

Ignore the snow in the video. Don’t ignore the dancing.

I love Childish Gambino. You should too, if you don’t already. Seriously though, there’s a reason why this hyper talented guy has been named as one of the Most Creative People of 2017. I’ll let you find that out for yourself, and yeah, you can thank me later.

This song has a super light touch. The base elements are repetitive like a little synthy bird, but work thanks to sweet ol’ heartbroken Donald, lilting along about getting high. Don’t be fooled though, it drops a dirty beat halfway through, and the subject matter is less than Disney-innocent. For me, this track has always evoked images of dusky beach-side seductions. I’m into it.

Like this? Try: The Palisades by Childish Gambino.

GOOD DANCERS — The Sleepy Jackson

OK guys, I haven’t managed to get out of my hammock yet, and have maybe moved onto the vodka martinis as the evening drifts on.

Although released in 2003, this track has a definite early nineties vibe to it. It has a lack of urgency to it which makes it feel like the audio equivalent of wearing a floral tea dress with Doc Martin boots. I miss those times. Even though I wasn’t old enough to be part of them, I still miss them.

So there you have it. If a sleepy, sunburnt and stress-free Sunday is what you’re after, these are your guys for the stereo. If my heat-hazy sounds are up your street, you can see what else I’m listening to this summer on my Summer 2017 Spotify playlist.


*Having never been to the South of France, I can guess that it’s like that.

**Trust me, I am painfully aware of how arsey my music snobbery is. I judge people on the reg about their taste. I don’t like it, but I don’t like that Brexit happened either. Sometimes, stuff happens and you have to deal with it. I’m a music wanker, I’m sorry, okay?!

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