DNC Shatters The Illusion Of American Democracy In Order To Keep People’s 27 Bucks
Caitlin Johnstone

I really don’t see how the judge could possibly rule against the case going forward, I don’t see how he could dismiss it. To quote the current President, either we have a country or we don’t have a country. To throw this suit out, and agree with the DNC that the Democratic Party can pick whoever they want regardless of the will of registered dems all over the country or supporters of other Democratic candidates would be tantamount to saying that one cabal of self-appointed individuals can CHOOSE one of the ONLY TWO options for leader of the entire free world. It is that serious. If this is dismissed we don’t even have any pretense of democracy. The Democratic and Republican parties and our entire system has been set up to make third party challenges completely infeasible in any realistic sense. They aren’t allowed to participate in nationally televised debates, rules are set to limit the competition to the two major parties. That being the case, allowing the DNC free reign to choose Presidential candidates and rig primaries is tantamount to allowing them to choose and install the most powerful leader on the planet. Yes, trump won this election despite their efforts, but if you get to choose one of only two viable options for world leader and President of the US, then we essentially live in a plutocracy. It is critical that the courts serve their role as a check and balance on this SHADOW executive branch. They are not a royal family. They don’t get to pick the leader. The HUBRIS!!! The unmitigated GALL!!! My father who fought in WWII did not fight for this. My ancesters who go back to the revolutionary war did not fight to establish a country where a ruling elite hand pick the leader.

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