The Absolute Bliss

Festivals and Dance, during Onam 2017

When does it start to fade away? All the misconceptions about being able to experience absolute happiness! It must start at some point or else we should assume that even now there are unrealistic expectations maintained around the idea of happiness. And a lot of people subscribing to these harmful life-eating concepts should bother others.

Every time something is grabbed to fetch happiness something else slips out of hands. Life’s one of the most available philosophies in simplest form that is! Happiness is something that can’t be compared, out of pure joy whatever is experienced inside and outside physical body can’t be truly exhibited for comparison. So this one remains to be the most futile of things around.

Every opportunity for changes in life should be welcomed. This might not happen whole-heartedly at the beginning but life will not revolt strenuously towards destruction all at once.

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