Key Takeaways from Affiliate World Asia 2016

Current marketing year is coming to a close. And there was no better way to finish a successful year for Epom than to attend the most hyped event in the affiliate marketing — Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok, Thailand.

As one of the most acknowledged online marketers in the world, Neil Patel put it: “AWA is the only ABSOLUTELY MUST ATTEND global conference for superaffiliates or anyone who aspires to become a superaffiliate.”

With over 2200 attendees from 60 countries and a line-up of the most knowledgeable people in the industry, AWA has turned into a creative and inspirational space packed with endless business development opportunities and countless partnerships. The event has also brought some of the biggest affiliates who keep the lowest profiles out into the public for the first time to present to you one of the most open discussions in affiliate marketing.

Epom showcased at AWA Bangkok to reunite with fellow marketers, clients and build strong connections within the ever-growing industry. We’ve also participated in countless expert discussions to learn the hottest online trends for the upcoming year. Here’s a short recap of the event, as witnessed by Epom.

Epom at Affiliate World Asia

Craig Roberts of Teespring launched the discussion on e-commerce monetization tactics with his inspiring speech titled “How Marketers are Building Million Dollar eCommerce Businesses.” He focused on the role of media buying in e-commerce. This topic was also explored by experts at Shopify’s panel session. Later on, another Shopify expert — Drake Andrews shed the light upon the topic of dropshipping, sharing the basics and tips on earning top commissions.

But the most anticipated speech at AWA was delivered by superaffiliate guru Neil Patel (@neilpatel) and was titled “How to create a $100,000/month digital product.” Neil shared actionable insights on growing an online business and boosting affiliate earnings with webinars.

‘Whatever niche you pick, make sure you are an expert in it” — @neilpatel.

Award Winning Digital Marketer & Blogger Matthew Woodward (@MattWoodwardUK), who claims to generate $423,559 in affiliate commissions, was also one of the top-profile speakers to attend AWA. In his panel he shared the secrets on creating helpful and engaging content that sends affiliate sales wild.

But the scope discussions at AWA was not limited to the topics of money making and affiliate marketing. In his speech titled “9 Ugly Lessons Learnt About Sex and Dating, & How You Can Apply Them to Your Campaign” Founder & President of OkCupid Christian Rudder (@christianrudder) investigated human behavior and took a first look at a data revolution in the making. Rudder explained how Facebook “likes” can predict, with surprising accuracy, a person’s sexual orientation and even intelligence; and how attractive women receive exponentially more interview requests. “We’re at the cusp of a new age of human understanding” — those are the best words to describe the ground-breaking research presented by the speaker.

Here are the main tips Epom has been able to clarify from visiting AWA Bangkok

  1. Stay current to new trends. One trend is to go towards a “friendly referring” model as opposed to traditional affiliate programs. This allows to dive into an even larger market and to decrease cost per acquisition. Most businesses have multiple connections on social networks where referral links are easily sharable. There are also some technical benefits to referral marketing, where companies may gain a legal advantage by not classifying as an affiliate program.
  2. Provide value. Times when you could make profit from a low-quality websites have long gone. It should become an axioma: the aim of making money should be postponed if the website is completely useless. Your visitors will come back if they find your site useful and are likely to recommend it to others. So instead of asking why affiliate programs bring you no money, work on your website.
  3. Comfort is a disease for your business. Test your content, watch your analytics and optimize based on results. And be ready for a big competition. Don’t be afraid of it — bigger competition will take your company to a new level …or throw you off the market.
  4. Have a good Mobile Marketing Strategy. For a several years Mobile is beating Desktop: it’s a huge opportunity for marketers to reach more people through their devices. As traffic from mobile devices continues to grow, businesses will need to ensure they have strong mobile marketing strategies to reach their audience and crack mobile conversions.
  5. Video vs Content. Not a new, but certainly an important trend is further growth of video content compared to other media. Visuals are processed 60,000X times faster than text! However, remember the aim of any video content: extremely fun, relevant and not annoying. Therefore, give a space to native video advertising.

It is time to follow the trends of the industry and embrace it to the development of your business. If you have questions or are willing to start a new year with better revenue, join our Epom Affiliate Network.