What Can a Stupid, Mansplaining Comment Teach You About Neoliberalism?
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

The lead in tap water analogy is dramatic and inaccurate. Mobile gaming sessions aren’t progressively catastrophic like lead can be. A better analogy would be soda. As much as soda can be justified as bad, it surmounts to little more than a bad habit for most people, and in edge cases, it’s an extreme problem.

Would it be better for everyone’s health if nobody drank soda? Obviously. Not really a scathingly revealed criticism of culture heroically pointed out by the brave souls on Medium, is it?

Is Pepsi immune from criticism for selling too much soda? You can complain to them as much as you want, but the longstanding argument of “fuck off, people can abuse anything” is much harder to go against.

Criticism is important. But like most critics, you egotistically hold your opinions as greatly more significant than the opinions of others. Imbuing the unwashed masses from your holier-than-thou soapbox.

It makes it hard for more people to take you seriously, even if you were to be pointing out something that isn’t obvious.

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