Benefits of Hustle. Connect. Share. Repeat.

The four words listed above are the foundation of a successful career. However, they can only help if one is willing to help themselves. First, a person must be motivated to hustle, connect, share, and repeat.

Hustle: To be aggressive, especially in business or other financial dealings.

This definition directly applies to having a career because one has to hustle in order to be noticed and considered by prospective employers. One has to hustle before succeeding. Success does not happen overnight and can only be obtained by hustling. However, maintaining patience, motivation, and an optimistic attitude while hustling cannot only take a person far in his/her career, but also far in life.

While applying for internships, I had to hustle in order to meet application deadlines. Hustling gave me something to be motivated about because I knew that if I did not hustle, then I would have no chance of getting a job. Hustling is the foundation of success because if one does not hustle, then they will never get their foot in the door.

Prospective employers can sense when someone is hustling which can be beneficial or non-beneficial to the applicant. Meeting a representative of a company and notifying him/her that you applied for a specific position within their company not only lets the representative know that you are interested in the position, but you’re taking the initiative to help yourself.

Prospective employers are more willing to help a person who takes the responsibility to help himself/herself. Also, taking the initiative to follow up after a job interview and thanking the company for the opportunity suggests that one is interested in the position. It is important to continue hustling even if one does not get the first job that he/she wanted. Giving up puts an end to future opportunities.


Connections are very helpful when trying to find a job. Lindenwood University career fairs are the perfect place for students to form connections with representatives of companies that they are interested in working for. Getting representatives’ business cards is extremely helpful to students. However, students must hustle after meeting connections. Representatives do not email students that they spoke with because they speak with a number of different students who are at the career fair for the same reasons. What a student does with a contact card is up to him or her.

When I met and spoke to a representative for Maritz, the woman told me to email her the same afternoon that I had met her. I did as I was told and helped myself get my foot in the door. However, if I had not hustled and taken responsibility for immediately following up with the Maritz representative, then I would not have an inside source. Companies do not chase after applicants. Applicants must form their own connections in order to be noticed and considered by prospective employers.


The free website LinkedIn is the perfect place for showcasing work. LinkedIn allows users to upload samplings of their work. This website is a great tool regardless of whether one is looking for a job or is fortunate enough to have a job.


Just because one has a job does not mean that he/she is free to slack off. It is important to continue hustling and improving the skills that one already has.