Licence Program 2015

Recruitment in its most advanced form ever

Catenon is the multinational technology-based executive search company, which operates under the web² model. We operate as a single office, searching for, assessing and presenting candidates from around the world to our clients, wherever they may be. It is carried out by consultants located all over the world. The final results of the process are presented to the client in a multimedia report via the web, which contains methodology that individually analyses and compares each candidate by using the most advanced methodology in the industry. Catenon benefits from the use of various innovation hubs located around the world. This means we are able to incorporate the most innovative technology into our processes, in order to better identify and evaluate candidates on the global stage.

Growth through Licences, through an entrepreneurial culture, and through greater commitment

Catenon is developing its new international expansion policy based on its own License model. This is a new line of international expansion based on the licensing of professionals who want to be independent entrepreneurs operating under the Catenon brand. It allows Catenon to spread around the world more quickly, and it guarantees that it is done through an entrepreneurial culture and with maximum commitment, both of which are fundamental values required for success.

Under this new international expansion model three offices in Saudi Arabia have been opened (in Riyadh, Jeddah and Khobar), and one in Portugal (in Lisbon).

There are a lot of professionals in recruitment that want to work in a different way, and are aware of a new opportunity in the market. If you are one of these people, Catenon is offering you the opportunity to sign yourself up for the future, today. Working with the biggest brands, and developing global projects in more than 100 countries, from anywhere in the world. With the web² technology at your disposal based on knowledge architecture and Big Data. Armed with this, we are building the next generation of global recruiters.

We are looking for individuals from diverse backgrounds, and we welcome candidates who may not have prior work experience as well as experienced individuals. They should possess entrepreneurial spirit, the knowledge and ability to work in key markets, sectors, and positions, they should have an international outlook, and want to utilise a business model that will bring that future to today.

For more information on licences, and to find out the time and date of future presentations, please contact

Technology designed to move the world of talent closer to our clients.

Catenon has broken down the barriers of traditional industry in order to meet the needs of a new global market, thanks to its proprietary web² technology. With operations in five continents, our technology platform eliminates the geographical distance between candidates and consultants, thanks to in-depth knowledge across a number of industries, and the ability to continually present candidates to clients over the Internet, through tools such as the Technical Filmed Interview.

A new market: the global search for professionals

Catenon was founded in order to take advantage of a new market: the global search for professionals. This market arose from the need for the international mobility of the pool of talent that is expected to grow exponentially during this decade due to a number of factors: emerging markets that need management teams, developed markets that need specialists, drastic changes in global geo-demographics, an information gap between training and what is required, and globalisation, amongst others.

The expected trend for the market in the coming years is a growth in the global search for professionals, due to a lack of qualified professionals in developed and BRIC countries.