10 Catered Meals That Are Whole30-Approved

What is Whole30?

You may be hearing the term “Whole30” more lately. Whole30 a way of eating, and its name comes from the idea to follow a more wholesome diet for 30 days.

During those 30 days, you eliminate certain food groups from your diet and then mindfully add them back in afterward. This can serve as a body reset, both physically and mentally. You can make more conscious choices after your Whole30 month by finding out which foods your body doesn’t tolerate and using that information to help you feel your best.

During the monthlong eating program, the focus is on eating non-processed foods: moderate portions of meat, seafood, and eggs; lots of vegetables; some fruit; plenty of natural fats; and herbs, spices, and seasonings.

What Does Whole30 Mean for Offices?

You may have multiple people in your office following the Whole30 way of eating — whether for a month or for longer. If that’s the case, it may be hard to find food for office lunches, meetings, or snacks that everyone can eat.

We’ve got you covered. Here are delicious meals that are Whole30-approved so your whole group can enjoy lunch together.

And everyone benefits when you order nutritious meals. A recent study found that the 25 percent healthiest workers were seven hours more productive every week than the workers who made up the least healthy 25 percent. That equates to nearly one more day of work time every week!

5 New York City Whole30 Meals

1. Acai Bowls — Agavi Juice
Acai bowls are a refreshing and delicious option for both Whole30 and non-Whole30 eaters. Packed with superfoods and super flavor, these bowls are great for breakfast or as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Try a new twist on an old favorite by getting PB&J acai bowls for your team. Agavi Juice blends frozen organic acai berries and bananas with homemade almond milk, peanut butter, and cranberries. And for your gluten-free office eaters, good news: the granola sprinkled on top is gluten-free!

2. Make-You-Own Salad Bar — City Gourmet Cafe
Getting a “make-your-own” lunch not only provides meal variety for your team, but it also suits Whole30 eaters. When you order this make-your-own salad option, team members pick and choose from crisp greens, proteins, eggs, and Whole30-approved veggies.

With so many possible combinations, one person could create a kale and apple salad with almonds and a vinaigrette, while another may opt for Mediterranean flavors and a leafy green salad with tomatoes, cucumber, and feta. Each team member — Whole30 or not — gets a customized salad without leaving the office.

3. Chicken and Grilled Veggies Meal — Treehaus
Protein and veggies are a staple in the Whole30 meal plan, so a dish that pairs the two is a good choice. This Whole30-approved chicken is paired with garlic broccoli, grilled asparagus, and other grilled vegetables.

And this meal is great for when your team wants something warm, whether there’s a chill in the air or from the air conditioner. Whole30 and non-Whole30 eaters will love this cozy meal.

4. Chicken and Mixed Salad Meal — Mulberry & Vine
This Whole30-approved kale salad includes beets and apples, making it rich in antioxidants. It also brings the right amount of tangy citrus crunch to your lunch, making for a sweet and flavorful meal to power through the workday.

Plus, all of their dressings and sauces are made fresh in-house. And, pasture-raised chicken is the only type of chicken they use in all of their dishes. That’s something everyone in your office can feel good about.

5. Build-Your-Own Israeli Bowl — Pioneer Eats
Looking to fuel your team? Ordering energy-rich Israeli bowls is the way to beat the mid-afternoon slump. The way they layer ingredients in this bowl is the key to its deliciousness. A layer of couscous makes the base of the bowl. Then, you add fresh veggies like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and mushrooms. Finally, add freshly-cooked, piping hot chicken.

In order to make this Whole30 approved, you can substitute the couscous for nutrient-rich greens. Who knew such a delicious dish could also be Whole30 friendly?

5 San Francisco Whole30 Meals

1. Build-Your-Own Lettuce Wraps — Greenbox
Ordering a variety of dishes reduces the monotony of limited approved ingredient list. That’s why a build-your-own lettuce wrap is a great lunch option. Using crisp lettuce instead of a wrap also cuts down on carbs. And all Greenbox ingredients are locally sourced and organic.

You can round out the meal with an added protein like chicken laab, prepared with a variety of herbs and spices along with fresh lime juice. Add a fresh fruit salad medley to help curb any die-hard dessert lovers’ cravings for something sweet to finish off their meal.

2. Dry-Rubbed Rotisserie Chicken, Kale Salad, Mixed Greens, and Roasted Seasonal Veggies — Country Grill
This rotisserie chicken dry-rub is out of this world! This dry-rub mixture is made up of thyme, garlic, paprika, salt, pepper, and a few other top-secret spices. This perfect blend makes the chicken burst with flavor! They also like to keep things local, and serve mostly locally sourced meats and vegetables from small farms no further than 200 miles from the Bay Area.

When you combine it with fresh seasonal veggies and a delicious salad, it makes for a well-rounded team lunch. Plus, a kale salad seems to be a staple in most Whole30 meal plans, so this veggie option is a welcome addition for Whole30 eaters.

3. Build-Your-Own Salad — Lyfe Kitchen
Your team loves roast chicken, but they like to have variety, even when eating healthy. Then get this perfect variation: fresh fish! Lyfe Kitchen not only provides an endless amount of salad proteins and toppings, but they also incorporate grilled salmon and grilled mahi-mahi. Plus, mahi-mahi is a great source of protein and nutrients, providing the energy and nutrition your team needs to power through the workday.

Paired with a simple greens salad and fruit salad, this dish checks all of the Whole30 boxes, proving that sometimes the simplest dishes are also the tastiest. And this build-your-own option allows your office to make a nutritious team lunch suit their individual needs.

4. Grilled Shrimp Skewers, Mixed Greens Salad, and Grilled Plantains — Suya African Grill
Despite their pint-sized nature, shrimp are a protein-rich and nutrient-packed option that both Whole30 and non-Whole30 office goers will love. And, with a bed of mixed greens salad and grilled plantains, this meal pairing will have your coworkers singing your praises! Everyone, Whole30 or not, gets a sweet tooth now and then — plantains are the perfect way to satisfy those cravings while sticking to this modified meal program. They’re also loaded with vitamin C, which makes them the perfect meal addition to combat the inevitable office sniffles.

5. Chicken Souvlaki, House Salad, and Grilled Vegetables — Asteria Grill
This Mediterranean dish is packed full of flavor! Chicken Souvlaki is marinated chicken with Greek herbs and garlic, skewered and grilled with olive oil and fresh lemon. The zest from the lemon and the flavor from the herbs makes for the perfect marinade. This hot dish remains delicious and fresh throughout the day too.

The house salad is also light and crisp to complement the flavors of this chicken dish. It’s made with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and finished off with an olive oil vinaigrette dressing. Every dish that Asteria Grill makes is bursting with flavor and fresh ingredients, making their Whole30 menu an office favorite in the Bay Area.

As you can see, we have an abundance of Whole30-friendly options that will satisfy everyone in your group. We can put together menus for your New York or San Francisco Whole30 eaters — and all of your other eaters.

This post originally appeared on the Cater2.me blog.

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