Wedding Catering — Throwing A Backyard Wedding With Style

When you hear someone say backyard wedding, this can often conjure up images of nothing more than a backyard party, only with better dressed guests.

Throwing a backyard wedding that has style and flair, including wedding catering that leaves guests wanting more is easier to do on a budget than many may think.

The drinks and food, such an important part of the day! One main advantage of a backyard wedding is that you can choose whichever wedding caterer you like — you are not obliged to use the venue’s kitchen or preferred caterers. And along with choosing your own wedding catering company you are better able to work to whatever your budget may be.

It’s a given that you want good food. Provided you do your research, finding a catering company that can deliver this should not be too difficult. There are some great, affordable Auckland wedding caterers. Google is a great place to start but ensure you take it one step further than a simple search and check the company’s reviews and even ask the company whether they have any customers you can speak to about their experience. Alternatively, ask your friends or family for a referral — they are often eager to share their own wedding experiences.

A backyard wedding does not have to mean a budget wedding when it comes to décor and how you display and serve your food and beverages. A beautifully decorated long table can serve as a buffet where your guests will be able to help themselves. Or why not have different food stations, offering a variety of cuisine to ensure everyone can find something they will enjoy. Interject your buffet table with flowers or other decorations that bring your wedding colours and theme across to the food and beverage experience.

A drinks station is always a winner. Preparing your own drinks is a great way to save money yet still offer guests a variety of options. Prepare your own cocktails and serve in large glass jars. Keep ice nearby so it is as simple as your guests grabbing some ice then pouring themselves a cocktail. Small chalk boards with creative names for each cocktail adds a simple finishing touch. Again bringing small decorative elements that are in theme with your wedding onto the drinks station will add that personal touch (flowers, candles, photos of the bride & groom etc).

The devil is in the detail, and the detail does not have to cost you a second mortgage on your house. A great idea is to visit sites like Pinterest to look for economical ideas on how to plan a wedding on a budget. The ideas will be endless and you will be well on your way to hosting a backyard wedding that oozes style and that people will be talking about for years to come.