It started with a cat.

He was only 2 weeks old. I loved you from the very beginning and you were to be mine. But even now after all this, after the hurt and the pain, the fights and tears, I still love you. I still know you were meant to be here.

I’m almost afraid to write the words down . I feel completely protective of my situation right now as though I am on trial and people will come down and judge me for the things I have done, for how I have reacted and for some mistakes I’ve made. But what can you do when people have put you in this position? How are you EXPECTED to act, to feel? When they act dishonest to you and hide things from you? You tell me how you would feel? This is my anger.

Maybe I will tell my story or maybe not. I’m not sure anymore people deserve to hear it. I used to feel differently but now I know that I must protect my heart…there’s not many who deserve my love, my genuine, genuine love.

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