Catholics Contribute to Global Climate Talks

This week, the UN is facilitating a meeting in Bonn, Germany to discuss a global climate agreement. This meeting is the next step in the accords that were reached in Paris in 2015.

Photo Credit: World Council of Churches

This Catholic prayer guide for the meeting offers:

  • Daily prayers from the front lines of the climate crisis
  • Local news and perspective from frontline communities
  • A timeline of the global climate agreement (and where we go next!)


The official name of this gathering is “COP23” and it runs from November 6 to November 17.

Why Catholics?

Catholic participation is a meaningful part of the summit. Global Catholic Climate Movement joins several other Catholic groups in leading events at the talks.

Catholic people and institutions have a unique perspective on creation care and protection of vulnerable people. With 1.2 billion Catholics in the world, we are a mighty force for good.

Photo Credit: World Council of Churches

What’s happening at the meeting?

After the past year of tragic climate impacts, countries’ negotiators are working to build resilience in their regions. The discussions have started on a hopeful note — countries have clarified their positions and worked positively together.

Every country in the world is now a member of the pact. The US has announced that it wants to leave, but according to the terms of the agreement, there is a delay until 2020 of any actual withdrawal. There is strong support for clean energy and energy security among the US electorate.

Photo Credit: World Council of Churches

What’s next?

This meeting sets the stage for the next round of talks, slated for the fall of 2019. At that time, countries will announce their targets for greenhouse gas reductions. Making their commitments as ambitious and robust a possible is essential to bending the arc of emissions downward.

The first step is to pray. Fill out this form to download the prayer guide for essential context and prayers.