Remembering Eco-Martyrs on All Saints & All Souls

Each year on November 1 and 2, Catholics around the world pray for our loved ones and the community of saints who have died and returned home to God, Creator of Life.

As we remember and honor those near to us, let’s also take a moment to honor sisters and brothers around the world who have given their lives to protect creation. This brief resource provides a prayer and a list of people and creatures who have been lost in the struggle for creation.


Global Catholic Climate Movement invites you to remember the countless martyrs who have been killed in their defense of the natural world. We also invite you to pray for members of our Earth community that have gone extinct, and for places in the natural world that have been wounded by human choices and systemic policies of consumption, extraction, and exploitation.

As Catholics, we believe that prayer matters. We cherish the memory of all our beloved brothers and sisters, and we pray that we continue to honor them in our actions and choices now.

Global Catholic Climate Movement is a worldwide network of 400+ member organizations and thousands of people like you, uniting to respond to Pope Francis’s call in Laudato Si’.

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