These are the 9 Catholic Institutions that just divested from fossil fuels

On Wednesday May 10th, nine Catholic organizations from around the world announced their decision to divest their portfolios from coal, oil and gas companies in the largest joint Catholic fossil fuel divestment in history.

The groups — including religious orders and dioceses from the UK, USA and Italy — made the announcement ahead of international negotiations this month on implementing measures in the Paris Agreement on climate change.

The announcement is significant in the number of different Catholic orders — including Jesuits and Franciscans — uniting behind this issue, which is gaining growing support at all levels of the Catholic Church.

The 9:

The Mission Congregation of the Servants of the Holy Spirit (Global, General Curia)

The Diocese of Pescara (Italy)

Il Dialogo (Italy)

The Italian Jesuits (Italy)

Rete Interdiocesana Nuovi Stili di Vita (Italy)

Siloe Monastic Community (Italy)

MGR Foundation (USA)

The Wheaton Franciscan Sisters, Daughters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (USA)

St Joseph’s Province of the Congregation of the Passion — English Province of the Passionists (UK)

The previous record for number of Catholic institutions divesting jointly was seven and was set in October 2016. A total of 27 Catholic institutions have now divested.

This latest announcement also comes in the middle of the week-long Global Divestment Mobilization organized by climate change NGO, as part of which thousands worldwide are taking action to push cities, universities, churches, pension funds, museums and other institutions to demonstrate climate leadership by breaking their financial ties to fossil fuel companies.


“The Catholic response to climate change is gathering momentum exponentially. From refusing to invest in fossil fuels to installing solar panels on church roofs, more and more Catholics are taking concrete actions to protect creation and the vulnerable in their communities and beyond. This momentum is something that should not go unnoticed by world leaders meeting for the G7 Summit before they return home to turn politics to policy.” — Tomas Insua, Executive Director, Global Catholic Climate Movement.

“We celebrate this announcement and hope that the message it conveys reaches people of all faiths and inspires even more Catholic institutions, including the Vatican itself, to end the harmful influence of the fossil fuel industry’s ambition over our economies and societies, and push for clean and just energy sources for all humanity.” — Yossi Cadan, Senior Divestment Campaigner

We “are announcing today that we can say with integrity that we have no current investment in fossil fuels, and we will in the next year add it to our Socially Responsible Investment Policy to assure no future investments in fossil fuels. In this way we wish to emphasize the urgency of the climate crisis and deepen our commitment to care for our common home” — Sr. Melanie Paradis,osf, Sr. Lynn Schafer,osf, Sr. Trish Villarreal,osf, Sr. Alana Gorski,osf, Provincial Council of the The Wheaton Franciscan Sisters

“The fossil fuel divestment is a concrete way to put the Laudato Si’ into practice and be witness of its message. In the Encyclical Laudato Si’ Pope Francis affirms: ‘We know that technology based on the use of highly polluting fossil fuels […] especially coal, but also oil and, to a lesser degree, gas — needs to be progressively replaced without delay.’ (Laudato Si’, 165)... We are convinced that this union will lead to more sustainable finance and a more just and livable world. Therefore we have joined and invite all others to”— Giovanni Sarubbi, (Director) Michele Zarrella (Head of the environmental section) of “Il dialogo”

“We consider it is important to be part of an initiative that is in very deep harmony with the value in which we believe and that gives a concrete answer to Pope Francis’s Call in his encyclical Laudato Si’ asking for a real ecological conversion, moving from fossil energies to the renewables ones .”— Adriano Sella, National Coordinator of Rete Interdiocesana Nuovi Stili di Vita.

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Pope Francis calls on Catholics to act against the unjust #ClimateCrisis. Join us as we strive to #LiveLaudatoSi.

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Global Catholic Climate Movement

Global Catholic Climate Movement

Pope Francis calls on Catholics to act against the unjust #ClimateCrisis. Join us as we strive to #LiveLaudatoSi.

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