New campaign from Baby Einstein celebrates young curious minds

If not for curiosity, would I be typing at my computer? Would you be reading it at yours? These are the questions posed by Baby Einstein in the brand’s new creative campaign “Ignite a Curious Mind” which imagines what the world would be without curiosity and why it’s something parents long for for their own children.

In an Ad Age article about the brand’s new campaign, its head of marketing underscores their commitment to nurturing curiosity for infants, babies and toddlers: “We believe in curiosity — it’s essential for children’s development and helps them from when they are born into this world,” says Meryl Macune, senior VP, global marketing at Kids II. …

What I learned from being part of the 2018 AIDS/LifeCycle and how I want to live it back at home

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Crossing the finish line, 552 miles later; photo by Jared Alexander

In the past four years, there have been a number of experiences that have taught me how strong I am and that what may appear as a failure or a challenge, is actually an opportunity to rise up. It sounds cliche, right, but it’s because it’s true. Whether in deciding it was time to sell my first startup or making career pivots, I’ve come to embrace and lean into the unkown and trusting it will ultimately make me better for having gone through it, no matter the outcome.

This is a big reason why I signed up to be part of the AIDS/LifeCycle. Things have been going better than ever with work and family, so I didn’t want to shake that up or make big changes for the sake of changing things up, but yet I had this lingering feeling that I was due and needed a new challenge. Or mountain to climb. …

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I woke up this morning in disbelief: I’ve raised $6,001 as part of my AIDS/LifeCycle ride fundraising campaign. …


Catherine M. Merritt

Entrepreneur. Marketer. Consultant. Advisor to Be Curious Partners- a VC for tech-enabled parenting. Wife. Mom. Will never say no to Champagne.

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