Flash Fiction- Click

He was halfway up the tower when his fingers started bleeding, the insect-like creatures chittering angrily on the ground 50 feet below.

He clutched the rough handholds, frozen. The blood increased the likelihood of slipping tenfold, but there was a more terrifying prospect.

The red smears would serve as evidence of his climb.

He pushed it out of his mind, working up the nerve to continue the painful ascent. The sound of clicking mandibles from below got louder, but not once did he allow himself to look down.

Finally, he rolled over onto the top of the tower. He breathed heavily on his back, but panic gripped him; dawn was coming, and his blood would be visible on the tower’s wall.

He heard the soft swish of shells rubbing together. Suddenly, he wasn’t worried about the small bloodstains anymore.

He looked over the edge of the tower to see the side covered in the monsters, slowing climbing after him.