Away with paper towels and back to the flour sack (FS)

Today I was confronted with paper towel use and after 30 seconds of research I came across an alternative that is used by many Eco-friendly moms/dads to completely replace the paper towel. The flour sack. Not knowing what this was I checked out some definitions online and came across this in a blog:

Genuine plain “flour sack” material is a soft, medium loosely woven white material with rather thick threads. After a couple of washings it softens into an absorbent towel. It’s tight enough to hold flour, but if you drop the sack, a bit of flour pops through the weave. (they are a constant source of flour dust and attract weevils).

It seems that FS are used for all purposes, including draining bacon. So if you’re looking to rid yourself of all paper products, as well as cost-savings, invest in (several) flour sacks, which can be found from a variety of sources online.