The Catholic Church & the Power of Impact Capital

Welcome to New Catholic Branding, a look at the intersections of the work and institution of the Catholic Church and the important (and evolving) growth of Impact Investing.

Lately, the Catholic Church’s interest and participation in the Impact Investing field has gained attention, with coverage of the Second Vatican Conference on Impact Investing in June 2016 and recent articles in the impact space.

If you are new to impact investing, we recommend these resources as your introduction:

How is the Catholic Church seeking opportunities to use their capital for good?

  • Impact Investing and the Catholic Church have been linked together since the early days of the field, due to the Catholic dedication to impact in communities and consistently mission-focused investment guidelines.
  • Earlier this year, Impact Alpha, a journalism and media outlet focused around social and environmental value, further explored trends in Catholic Impact Investing after the second VIIC, highlighting work by Ascension Health.
  • DevexImpact, a connector of business and sustainable development stories, also took time in December 2016 to cover the first impact investment of Catholic Relief Services, $500,000 invested into a U.S.-based agriculture company that sells vanilla sources from small farmers in Madagascar. The investments will be used to meet the needs of farmers and expand the program to continue creating value for farmers, the community at large, and stakeholders.
  • The Catholic Impact Investing Collaborative was created shortly after the 1st Vatican Conference on Impact Investing. According to its website,
“The Catholic Impact Investing Collaborative (aka CIIC- pronounced ‘seek’) works to spread the word of Impact Investing through community building, sharing experiences, and learning from each other. CIIC was established in November 2014 as an informal ‘neutral space’ for people to come together, share a meal and stories, and build relationships based on their spiritual as well as financial commitment to Impact Investing.”

Last updated in June 2017, the Catholic Impact Investing Collaborative posts ‘Stories of Catholic Impact’, providing valuable Catholic Impact Profiles of organizations and orders that are involved in impact investing.

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