What should you do to feel alive again?

I cried, i got depressed and i felt like my life was over. My life is such a mess, even me don’t know from where to begin again. Deep down inside i knew there was something wrong.

I sat down and looked around the place i was living now. I never ever changed anything much from the day i moved here. I always denied that i will be here for a while. I always thought that i will live the way i wanted, changed things around when i got my own place. I realised that for most of the passing time in Australia, i always lived for the future but not for the present. I forgot that me at the present was important too. Unfortunately, i forgot that i always had CHOICES.

I asked myself who i wanted to become in 1 month, 1 year and 5 years from now. Do i still want to be stuck in someone’s house or will i have my own place and have my own space? Do i still have to consider the price everytime i buy something new or will i just buy right away because i need it? Do i still struggle to manage my life and control my fluctuating emotions or will i be strong inside to be able to control others’ life?

What do i want?

Do i deserve to have all of what i dream of?

I just have 2 choices: yes or no.

I choose YES because i know I DESERVE IT.

From this moment i choose to follow my dream i say No to everything that affects the quality of my life.

From this moment i choose to prioritize my needs before others because i know if i can learn to love myself i can learn to love others.

I choose me because then i can be the best for people around me and especially people who are important to me.

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