Ah, no, a history of lynchings in the US is just one tiny bit of the racial violence performed by…
Wyatt Edward Gates

(1) I never said they’re on the same level.

(2) So a white Holocaust survivor who did not even live in this country when lynchings took place needs to meekly put up with being told what’s wrong with him as a white person just because of the color of his skin? Wow. If you had deliberately set out to illustrate how toxic and sick this type of “anti-racist” mindset is, you couldn’t have done any better.

(3) Oh yeah, sure, I’m on the Trump train. That’s hilarious. I was one of the first people to warn about the rise of the alt-right and its overlap with the Trump fan base. Here, for example.

Not everyone who hates your pathetic brand of self-hating racism likes the alt-right kind.

(Oh, and you just proved you didn’t read my piece, since I mention the toxicity of Trumpism at the end.)