Did Star Wars Rebels signal the return of Mara Jade?

Did Star Wars Rebels drop another clue about another beloved expanded universe character’s return?

The expanded universe was all washed clean when Disney took over and sought to clear the slate for the new sequel trilogy. At the time, it was noted the old characters could return again and some, such as Grand Admiral Thrawn, have.

Is another expanded universe character on the horizon?

There’s reason to believe the eighth episode, The Last Jedi, could bring back Mara Jade Skywalker. Until this actually happens, it’s all speculation, however.

Mara Jade grew up a product of the dark side, but would discover the light side and die the wife of Luke Skywalker. During her time on the dark side, she was an agent of Emperor Palpatine, known as the Emperor’s Hand.

With the great canon purge that eliminated the expanded universe, the Emperor’s Hand was erased like Mara Jade herself. At least, it was until the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels.

Disney’s animated series has established a reputation of bridging the gap between the prequel and sequel trilogies, as well as bringing Clone Wars and the sequels into the fold as well. With Thrawn, it also has brought old expanded universe characters back to life.

Now the Emperor’s Hand is canon, with the revelation by Gar Saxon that he is just that.

This could be a defining moment for Star Wars canon. Is there another Emperor’s Hand to come?

Fans undoubtedly will examine this point and speculate that Mara Jade is returning. The evidence suggests it’s at least a possibility, but there is greater potential it is legitimate.

The possibility exists that Mara Jade did still grow up an agent of the Emperor, eventually converting to the light side. Theoretically, she could have become one of Luke Skywalker’s students who was killed by Kylo Ren.

Like how Darth Caedus, the former Jacen Solo, killed Mara Jade Skywalker in the expanded universe?

This all may be wild speculation, but it also could be the slow assembling of the pieces. Could we be seeing the buildup to Mara Jade’s return to Star Wars?

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