It was a cloudy and loud night

and I was so drunk that I

could barely make it from port to starboard.

I was surrounded by my jolly crew and I

thought I was safe and

I thought you were my friend,

that’s why I didn’t ready the cannons

or hoist the sails.

We could’ve just been two ships passing through

on quiet waters but

you had to come and plunder

with your selfish pirating ways,

violating me from bow to stern.

You sunk me, and you didn’t care,

and you left me there to drown.

I don’t know how I managed it

with this albatross hanging around my neck,

weighing me down,

but I swam to shore and

made it to dry land alive.

You can take the bird, battered and bloody,

and let it stain your breast.

You can deal with the drooping shoulders

and broken back

and the bated breath.

I’m tired and

I’ve cried too many oceans between then and now.

I’m the captain and this is my vessel

And traitors walk the plank.

No life boat,

it’s your time to drown.

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