NZ Dairy Industry Exposed


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Filmed by hidden cameras, a new exposé by SAFE and Farmwatch has revealed:

Cows desperately running after their babies as they are cruelly taken away from them when only a few hours old

4-day-old calves left in crates at the side of the road for up to eight hours, despite the law requiring them to be fed two hours before transportation

Drivers roughly throwing calves into the back of trucks

Dead calves thrown into piles at farm gates

A slaughterman violently kicking and throwing helpless calves before bashing them on the head and slitting their throats.

Few people know what happens to cows and calves in the dairy industry. Even fewer people have seen it for themselves.

For the sake of milk products, every year the New Zealand dairy industry treats millions of 4-day-old calves as ‘waste products’, tearing them away from their mothers and sending them to the slaughterhouse. Even when no laws are broken, these calves never even have a chance at life.

By bringing consumer attention to the cruelty in the New Zealand dairy industry, we can put pressure on the government to end the cruel treatment of dairy calves.

You can help!

SAFE has produced a powerful new advertisement to raise awareness of the cruelty in the New Zealand dairy industry — but we need your help to make sure the message is spread far and wide. Please donate now to get this ad in as many newspapers as possible.


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