Eminem Drops Bombs on Trump… Lyrically

Eminem bashed President Donald Trump in this years BET hip hop awards in his own freestyle with some hard hitting hateful bars. The BET hip hop awards is a night to celebrate accomplishments by hip hop artist, producers, and music video directors. The night is full of performances, speeches by award winners, and freestyles by artists on the rise or that have been in the game. One freestyle stood out amongst the rest by an artist who is already proclaimed as a hip hop legend who did not even attend the event. Eminem, the Detroit native made a freestyle about our current President of the United States and even gave a shout out to the previous president. He gave the freestyle in a parking lot wearing all black He went on for four and half minutes about how the president is ignoring problems around the US, racism, and referring to as a “kamikaze.” This freestyle was called The Storm.

Towards the beginning of the cyper he says “But we better give Obama props Cause what we got in office now’s a kamikaze. That’ll probably cause a nuclear holocaust.” Eminem is referring to the feud between North Korea and President Trump which could possibly lead into World War 3 or the Nuclear Holocaust. He then goes on to talk about how when all the bombing starts “He will just gas up his plane and fly around till the bombing stops.” Saying Trump will overall put us in that nuclear situation that when it happens he won’t be there until it is over. He then goes on to talk about tax cuts and says “ who’s gonna pay for his extravagant trips back and forth with his fam to his golf resorts” and this is referring countless trips he has made and to Trump properties and Trump golf properties during his presidency.

He then talked about the issue between Trump and the NFL while avoid much bigger problems. “It’s like we take a step forwards, then backwards. But this is his form of distraction. Plus, he gets an enormous reaction. When he attacks the NFL so we focus on that Instead of talking Puerto Rico or gun reform for Nevada. All these horrible tragedies and he’s bored and would rather. Cause a Twitter storm with the Packers.” Trump attacked NFL players for taking a knee during the national anthem calling them “sons of bitches” and wishing NFL executives would fire them for kneeling. Eminem was also referring to Hurricane Maria that has destroyed US territory Puerto Rico and President Trump has shown lackadaisical effort and support towards them. After the Vegas shooting Trump showed no immediate response to help any of the victims in Vegas. Eminem rips Donald Trump for switching focuses from tragedies around the US to black athletes. Eminem names drop Colin Kaepernick who started kneeling and holding up fsit during national anthem back in 2014 and says “this one’s for Colin.”

Eminem mentioned the Klan and racism “From his endorsement of Bannon, Support from the Klansmen. Tiki torches in hand for the soldier that’s black. And comes home from Iraq. And is still told to go back to Africa.” Eminem also made some hidden disses towards Trump comparing him to the thing from fantastic four when he says “racism is the only thing he is fantastic for, cause that’s how he gets his rocks off and hes orange… yeah sick tan.”

This whole freestyle caught national attention from CNN to NYTimes to the number one trending topic on twitter the day the freestyle came out. The freestyle also had approval from celebrities such as Colin Kaepernick tweeting “I appreciate you”, rapper J Cole tweeting “Woah Rap God. @Eminem thank you Potenttttt.” This is not the first Eminem has attacked a politician, in 1999 he went after president Clinton for his in office incident, in 2002 he came out with a song “White America” and it was a response video to the Cheneys calling him a “violent misogynist”, and in 2004 Eminem came with a the song “Mosh” which was anti-Iraq war song towards former President Bush.

Eminem bashes President Trump the entire freestyle but then has a message for the fans. ““And any fan of mine who’s a supporter of his, I’m drawing in the sand a line,“You either for or against. And if you can’t decide who you like more and you’re split on who you should stand beside. I’ll do it for you with this: F-ck you.” With the popularity of this video Eminem has possibly gained some fans and even nudged people past the line of being in between. Even with all the hateful bars said by Eminem he managed to still freestyle with one last message. “The rest of America stand up, We Love our military, We love our country, but we f***ing hate TRUMP!

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