NFL tackles injustice and lock for solidarity

On Sunday during NFL games players and some owners decide to take a stand against injustice by kneeling and locking arms to show solidarity against President Trump, who had some rather crude comments towards NFL players.

President Trump said he wishes that NFL owners would fire all the players that “disrespected” our flag, and also called them generically as “son of a bitch,” which caused waves of protest all over the US. Many different NFL players were displeased not only by the comments President Trump said, but also questioning his concerns. Players were upset that the “disrespect” of the flag was his concern instead of everything else that is happening in the US such as natural disasters and social injustice.

Colin Kaepernick started the movement by first kneeling during the national anthem in 2016. He started to protest against police brutality. The movement has grown larger every game, and even moved to other major league sports. Many of these protesters have came out with statements stated that this is not disrespecting the flag or the country, but kneeling is for the people that do not have a voice.

Athletes have the perfect stage on which to make a statement. Many people all over the US love watching sports and their favorite teams, so of course they would see what the players are doing.

As one American citizen out of millions, you would think that your voice would not be as loud, but athletes on the biggest stage with millions of viewers and fans can use their fame to an advantage.

Thanks to the NFL more sports and even celebrities might use their statuses to make changes against social injustice and many other problems around to bring us closer rather than divide us… Thank you National Football League for the STAND!

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