Media Collaboration

Cause Beautiful has partnered with the Tampa Bay Times, along with photojournalist Melissa Lyttle and Chris Zuppa, to produce the multimedia component to their year long project Long Road Out.

Big shout out to Boyzell Hosey, the Director of Photography at the Times that enabled this important story to be told.

The NFL says that every year, about 100,000 high school seniors play football. Of those, about 9,000 make it onto a college team, half on a Division I scholarship. In the end, only 215 will sign an NFL contract.

Fred didn’t dwell on those numbers. His talent on the gridiron was his only way out. His single mom had eight kids and nine grandkids, made minimum wage working with Alzheimer’s patients and at a Family Dollar store. Without a scholarship, Fred wouldn’t be able to go to college. Without college, he would probably never leave Pahokee.

Check out the masterfully composed written story by Pulitzer Prize journalist Lane Degregory.

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