ANNUAL REPORTS, do you need one?…the answer is a big YES…but where to start? We did the research for you and consolidated a handy checklist of best practices, along with some case studies highlighting nonprofits doing it right — all around Annual Report planning in a 3–5 minute read. Don’t…

Q&A : Mackenzie Padell in preparation 2018 AMPLIFY Sessions

“Being a military spouse is hard. I am always humbled and honored to be around other spouses who are charting their own course regardless of obstacles the military can create in progressing individual and career goals.”

Mackenzie Padell, Co-Founder & CXO of CauseEngine

What is your connection to AMPLIFY and what compelled you to get involved in this workshop for career- minded and driven military spouses like yourself?

I have had the privilege of being…

All the tricks to retain new and existing supporters in 2018

According to the Fundraising Effectiveness Project’s annual Fundraising Effectiveness Report; the donor retention rate nationally in 2017 was 45%; meaning 1-in-2 of your donors will not donate again in 2018. Let that sink in — 1 out of every 2 donors — gone.

If only there was a silver bullet; a simple solution to raise donor retention rates…Oh wait, there is — THANK YOUR DONORS PROPERLY!

CauseEngine has over 100+ vetted, curated Pros…

Regardless of your politics or how you feel about it - the tax reform bill is signed and about to take effect. It's important to understand the immediate impacts on your organization - both the positives and negatives.

We’ll show you how to capitalize on the changes NOW to boost…


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