10 Best Social Good Deals From Around The Web #1

Going forward I will be starting a new list series that finds the best social good deals from the past week. The reason for this new series is that I am finding a bunch of great products out there that give back and want to give you those products in an easy and digestible format. I know that building a social good startup takes up a ton of time and effort, so its good to be able to show consumers what options are out there when shopping for particular products, so these social enterprises can receive the support they deserve.

Half United — Fighting Hunger Sweater — $32

IG: halfunited

For every product you purchase, HALF UNITED will give a week of meals to a child in need. Carmin and Christian Black are the sibling founders of HALF UNITED, and the people behind the concept of using a recycled bullet casing to represent your fight against hunger. Having started their business with only $200 these two turned a fledgling idea into a growing movement of men and women UNITING together to stop hunger in its tracks. HALF UNITED has given over 115 thousands meals to children since 2010. HALF UNITED proves that it is far better to give than to receive, donating HALF of the profits from every product sold directly towards fighting the global hunger epidemic.


Cotopaxi creates innovative outdoor products and experiences that fund sustainable poverty relief, move people to do good, and inspire adventure. Cotopaxi funds solutions that address the most persistent needs of those living in extreme poverty. As a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation, Cotopaxi has made a commitment to creating positive social impact.

BeGood — Fulton French Terry Crewneck — $40

Traditional manufacturing methods are among the most environmentally wasteful, and the chemicals and pesticides that go into making most garments pollute the air and water before winding up in landfills. As a result, they pursue a planet-friendly production cycle from start to finish. The way the conventional retail model is structured, you’re paying way too much for what you get. Your $40 tee shirt has gone through three or four markups. Fact. BeGood skips the middlemen and sells directly to you. BeGood is all about confounding expectations. 100% recycled cotton knit in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Thier textile manufacturer is one of the best in North America: not only do they strictly work with organic, recyclable, and renewable resources, they also pave the way in developing complex fabric textures and designs stemming from the founder’s 20+ years of eco-fabric experience and curiosity.


TOMS has given over 35 million pairs of shoes to children in need, teaching us 35 million lessons. Since 2006, people like you have helped us achieve this amazing number — and it’s leading to bigger and better things, like giving different types of shoes based on terrain and season, or creating local jobs by producing shoes in countries where we give. TOMS® Shoes are always given to children through humanitarian organizations who incorporate shoes into their community development programs.

Indosole — Indo Trucker Hat — Black — $20

Indosole takes old tires that would otherwise contribute to Indonesia’s massive landfill problem, and transforms them into beautiful sandals and shoes through a production process that is organic, toxic free, and environmentally sustainable. Not only that — the process provides dignified work to many in Indonesia.

Krochet Kids — Portland Long Sleeve — $20

Krochet Kids a lifestyle brand & an innovative non-profit. Their mission is to empower people to rise above poverty. The foundation of the organization and actions there within can be summarized in one word… LOVE. They believe actions rooted in love are able to make change in a world that truly needs it.


ONEHOPE is a social enterprise that integrates causes into products and services to make a social impact. ONEHOPE has quickly become one of the most recognizable cause brands due to the success of our cornerstone product, ONEHOPE Wine. Produced in partnership with Rob Mondavi, Jr., our award winning portfolio makes an impact with every bottle sold by donating HALF of the profits to partner causes. Today, ONEHOPE consists of the following products and experiences: ONEHOPE Wine, ONEHOPE Coffee & Tea, Hope at Home, and ONEHOPE Weddings. Every bottle pf this California Red wine helps veterans continue their service through disaster relief.

Conscious Step — SOCKS TO EDUCATE CHILDREN — $15

Socks that make a difference. Each pair is uniquely designed, ethically manufactured and partnered with a first class nonprofit to fund impact for the world’s to-do list: the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Be it educating kids, fighting hunger or treating disease, each pair makes a real difference for the things that matter. Each pair is a conscious step.

SOKO — Shiba Earrings — $30

Soko is an innovation in global fashion and technology: A brand that connects consumers to global makers and handcrafted jewelry from the developing world. With Soko, you can discover incredible quality and creative ingenuity made in communities that lay outside of the digital economy. Brought to the global stage using our technology, Soko delivers you exceptional style with stunning handcrafted jewelry created by artisans in emerging economies, using natural and upcycled materials.

beyondBeanie — BLUE SPRING TIME GLOVES — $25

beyondBeanie is a social clothing company that makes awesome beanies and accessories. Every time you make a purchase, you are supporting the work of a talented artisan in Bolivia who proudly hand-signs her work while helping to provide meals, school supplies, school uniforms and dental care to children in need.

Originally published at causeartist.com