Big Announcement: We Are Merging with Stand4

I want to personally thank everyone for making Causeartist an awesome place of discovery. This is not goodbye, because we are just moving to a bigger and brighter stage. This is hello, from our new adventure. I have decided to partner with Stand4 and merge what Causeartist has been doing onto their platform, because in all honesty, I just believe in what they are doing, and I believe it will give a grander stage to brands, startups, and organizations to tell their amazing stories. Below are all of the details about what is going to happen, and of course if you have any questions please reach out.Stand4 and CauseArtist are extremely excited to announce their new partnership to bring the best of the best in #socialgood to the world!

Stand4 helps you make your mark on the world. They’ve made it extremely easy, through their app, to support whatever causes you want, whenever you want, and however you want. Whether that be through donations that don’t take a percentage, to petitions that can be signed with a swipe of your finger, to (my personal favorite) sponsoring stands that actually donate for you every time you perform a challenge. Any time you do easy things like drinking a beer or checking-in, they’ll donate to whatever cause you care about. Simple as that.

What’s really exciting is their ability to track and show your impact. So if you drew a 4 on the App to give a child a cup of clean water, they’ll actually send in-the-moment project updates of the filters being made, filters being delivered, and the exact school you gave water to. It’s legit.

As you know, CauseArtist has been a great gateway to the world of social good, featuring the brands, startups, and people dedicated to creating social good. Together, we’re looking to become the go-to forum for all things corporate social responsibility, innovative startups, innovative non-profits, and impressive social entrepreneurs.

From here on, we’re not only creating conversations around #socialgood, we’re giving people an ‘action button’ with the Stand4 app. This allows them to take a stand on the stories that move them and to become their own force for social good.’

This partnership marks the beginning of what we know will be one of the most effective collaborations in the world of #socialgood. So, jump in, get creative, and start taking a Stand4 causes you care about.

Coming up soon I will be sending you the link to the new site, the content will be the same going forward, just with a different look and name. I appreciate all your support and look forward to spotlighting more innovative brands, organizations, and social entrepreneurs as we embark on this new journey.

Thanks so much.

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Originally published at on April 6, 2015.

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