Dealing with upsetting situations

Thought of recording all the thoughts , big and small, that helped me overcome tough situations and still do today.

Tough events should be thought of as a trampoline : pull you down momentarily only to help you soar high next.

Psychologists suggest not dwelling upon, or at the very least setting limits for the time you think about an upsetting episode or anything negative. Food for thought – each time you recall a thought, a pattern of brain cells are getting trained to record the event. The more passionately you think about it, the stronger the imprint in your cells. The longer you think about it, the more the neurotransmitter chemicals lurk around these cells, and may even turn insensitive to subsequent stimulus. i.e. , think an unhappy thought for too long, repeatedly, and you’ll find yourself behaving crazy in situations, or even unresponsive to joy or painfully sorrowful – the pendulum can swing any way – basically you are damaging your brain. If you ask me “what about happy thoughts – can recalling those , make me insensitive to happiness or raise the bar for it?” – I’d say if you can believe unhealthy sugar in your diet is addictive, while healthy spinach and kale are not addictive, then you can also believe that your brain can get addicted to negative thoughts and damage itself, whereas happy thoughts wont have that adverse affect.

Forgiving someone with your heart is necessary only to heal yourself. There is absolutely no compunction to let that person who hurt you, back in your life or trust them in any manner. In some cases it’d be rather stupid to let someone back in.

People talk behind your back , often just to destroy your image. The reasons are more to do with their shortcomings than your own. Have pity for these people. Pray for their redemption. Think of your own role models or people you admire – they have certainly received bouquets and brickbats – even Mahatma Gandhi is not spared today.

Every now and then, pretend to not have any power whatsoever. The chameleons will change their colour, and their secret will be out!! – you will know who leaves your side, and who sticks with you.

People can exploit you and project the most noble face to the world. Dont get vexed – pray for them to be blessed with a spine and get on the right track. Sometimes these pitiable souls dont know any better- maybe they were faced with hypocrites all their lives and dont know any other way of being. Or perhaps they have been very strongly influenced by a loved one who brainwashes them they are right no matter what they do.

The above are all manmade problems. Think about those who’ve had misfortune due to nature’s turn of events. Maybe displaced due to an earthquake, a congenital disorder, or an unfortunate. death by a raging river – when God. has blessed many with strength to cope with these natural phenomena, we can most certainly unleash the power within us to deal with man made problems that many times pale in comparison. I dont mean to overlook the inhumane tragedies like dowry deaths, female infanticides, and other such unfortunate problems in a man created world today, I only intend to reinstill hope and faith in a power beyond us, greater than us, aiding us to become better individuals and transform those around us as well.

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