Dear Friends and Colleagues:

The startling and dramatic news that the United States has brought an indictment against FIFA and arrests have been made is both consoling and damning.

It is consoling in that wrongdoing on a grand scale was uncovered and is being punished.

It is damning in that, once again, persons in high places in enterprises of great public importance (like setting LIBOR interest rates and prices for foreign exchange transactions) cheat.

The failure of ethics and the intrusion of corrupt bargains for selfish advantage seems to have no bounds and just goes on and on. It is tied, it seems, deeply to basic failures in human willfulness that cannot be polished off the surface of our personalities like tarnish from silver.

Our response must be to put persons in positions to check the excesses of others and to have the will and courage to do so quickly and expediently when corruption starts to appear in our lives.

Your continuing support for the CRT’s efforts to mobilize opinion in that direction and to provide thought leadership is most appreciated.

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