Ready for the Internet’s third wave?

The way we use and understand the internet is changing. We’ve long surpassed the first wave and are just about done with the second. On the cusp of the third, we’re about to face a whole host of new opportunities and challenges.

Are you ready?

A new internet is coming

As the Internet of Things (IOT) comes into play, platforms will change. Drastically. Devices will become ‘smart’ and gadgets we haven’t even imagined yet will be integrated into our lives.

According to Steve Case, author of The Third Wave, even talking about things being connected to the internet will become meaningless. Everything (and everyone) just will be.

Houses will be able to talk to phones. Alarms to tablets. Roads to cars. Machines will talk to machines. And almost everything will talk to you.

The good news for brands is that this talking = content.

It’s all about flexibility

Interconnectivity will increase tenfold. The internet won’t be something we’ll consider accessing. It will be hard-coded into day-to-day life. Unavoidable.

More and more people around the world will have access to the internet, to machines and to each other. This means your audience will keep expanding. It also means you’ll have more competition when it comes to reaching them.

If you want to stay afloat, your content production and delivery processes need a makeover. Unless what you’re coming up with is intelligent and adaptable, it’s going to miss the mark by a mile.

And it’s not only your content that needs to shape up, but the management system you’re using, too. Smart CMS platforms are key when it comes to keeping up with smart objects. If your CMS isn’t capable of working with a whole different breed of devices, the new wave will leave you behind.

You’re going to have to change

If you think your audience’s ADD is bad now, IOT is only going to offer more distractions. With all the added clutter, one-dimensional communication won’t cut it.

Content as we know it will be forced to morph into dynamic, personal experiences. In this wave, more than ever, remarkable consumer-centric material will be a must.

Fighting for attention in this new era of the web means you’re going to have to change the way you do things. You’ll need to open up to the idea of partnerships.

“Unlike in the second wave, arrogance won’t work as a strategy.” — Steve Case

Start here

· Research, research, research

· Experiment with and explore new strategy and execution avenues

· Focus on your company’s strengths and what you can do to stay relevant

· Accept the idea that you can’t do it alone

“If you don’t have the right people kind of working on the projects in a collaborative way, you can’t really get a lot of traction.” — Steve Case. If you’re not already looking at content in a different way, now’s the time to start.

New wave, new opportunities

In an article on strategy and business, Deborah Bothun and John Sviokla hit the nail on the head: “These developments also represent an opportunity, especially if the incumbents can reposition their capabilities to thrive in a remixed entertainment and media landscape where those that excel at capturing user attention with a digital-first approach will be those that reign supreme.”

Embrace intuitive content. With all these new advances come consumer insights so detailed, handing your audience tailor-made content on a platter will become the norm.

The first step is to secure the right partnerships. Then, make room for all kinds of changes.

Do this and you’ll ride the third wave like a pro.

by Nicole Samakosky, Content Strategist at Cavalry Media


Cavalry Media is a design, development and content marketing agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Cavalry services both local and international clients across the banking, insurance and retail sectors.

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