Cave Watches Movies: Welcome

Welcome to Cave Watches Movies! My name is Cayman Sanders, and I am just an average guy who loves movies! By no means am I a professional. However, I occasionally see a movie that the professional critics gave bad reviews, and I ended up thoroughly enjoying them. Since the majority of movie viewers are not critics, they tend to have different views of the film they see than the critics. What I intend to do with this blog is to give a review for the everyday movie goer by an everyday movie goer. While I will primarily be focusing on new releases, I will also throw in some of my favorites (and least favorites) from time to time. All of my reviews are intended for everyone, whether you have seen the movie or not.

I will be rating and critiquing films on three criteria: plot, character development/acting performance, and score/soundtrack. I will also give an account of how I felt when I finished the movie (happy, sad, confused, amazed, etc.). Finally, I will give it an overall rating, and a recommendation on whether or not to see it for yourself.

As I mentioned earlier, I am no professional, and I encourage feedback! Let me know what you think of my reviews, and tell me what you thought about the movie, if you have already seen it.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@CavesMovies) for more movie facts, trivia, and behind the scenes information.

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