I totally remember my first paycheck in California. I was doing lettuce. That is hard, hard work. But I take my money and I get my own little fridge, you know? And I buy this delicious steak, a couple of cold beers? I felt like I was in heaven. My fridge. My perfect steak, my cold beers. In Mexico you have nothing. Everyone around you has nothing, there’s no future; you can never save, it is never enough. In the U.S. I didn’t have shit, not by your standards, but I felt rich. The simplest things were a luxury.”
Thoughts on entitlement, community, and our country losing its way
Necia Dallas

This anecdote sums it all up. A fridge, a steak, a few beers. Not many U.S.-born citizens would recognize it for what it is, the American dream.

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